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Visualise the Numbers


With Wisechamps Abacus online classes, your kids can solve mathematical problems at the wink of an eye. This method of calculation focuses on utilizing the innate power of your kid’s brain for visualizing the mental abacus procedure.

Abacus is a simple tool or an instrument used for performing rapid arithmetic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It consists of beads and the bead values will be taught to the students to solve mathematical problems.


Initially students will learn to do calculations with the help of Abacus frame and later without the help of the instrument. Students will visualise the abacus frame in their mind and do the calculation mentally by moving the beads in their mind. This program makes your child's brain work as fast as a computer.


How Abacus classes benefits your child

Develop its capabilities and wonders of the left brain
Increase the potential of the right brain

Speedy Calculations

High Confidence

Higher Concentration

Writing Speed

Improved Listening Skills

Better Memory

Mathematical Excellence

Wisechamps learnings

Students in Action

Curriculum & Pricing


Select Level

32 Classes

  • Introduction to beads

  • Finger movements

  • Addition (Single & Double Digit)

  • Subtraction (Single & Double Digit)

  • Mental Calculations Starts (Single Digit)


How much they love us

Monica, mother of Aliya, Mumbai

Abacus - Level 2

I was surprised to see my child could solve 121 + 345 in less than 5 seconds, just after a few classes

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