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  • What is Wisechamps?
    Wisechamps platform provides personalised online mathematics classes in 1:1 sessions or in small groups of 1:5 for age 5 to 14 that is for Grades 1st till 8th. Wisechamps makes kids future ready by teaching them skills & techniques of calculations and analytical decision making based on facts and formulas, with online mathematics course developed by IIT Alumni.
  • What does Wisechamps teaches?
    Wisechamps teaches fundamentals of Mathematics – logic, formulas, easy calculation methods, practical usage of math skills in everyday life through well trained teachers, fun videos and trusted scientifically generated content just for kids.
  • How is Maths taught by Wisechamps?
    Wisechamps offers maths learning for kids with practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.
  • Why Wisechamps?
    - 1:1 or 1:5 teacher and student interaction - Rich, self-paced curriculum - Best trained and experienced Math faculty - Round the clock access anywhere, anytime - Technology that enriches the learning experience - Learning environment that adapt to student needs - Frequent skill checks that guide progress - Learn from safety of home at your convenience, no more pick and drop to tution centers required - Trusted, scientifically generated course content designed by IIM Alumni - Personalised learning dashboards - Regular progress reports, Badges and Accreditations for students - Selective students will get a chance to visit the IIT or IIM Campus once a year to attend a mentorship workshop by the successful alumni - Build analytical thinking and problem solving aptitude in kids - Exercising maths regularly makes your child’s decision making stronger - No Extra studies required - we cover the entire school syllabus and provide topic wise worksheets for practice - Deep understanding of math concepts for high scoring in Math Olympiad and School Exams - 100 % refund on pro rata basis , if you don't like the classes - Build the foundation for IIT / IIM early on - Total flexibility of choosing your class timings and days
  • I am interested in your classes can I get a demo or a trial?
    Yes, you can book a trial class to understand our way of teaching. Please click here
  • Do you have only one on one tutoring? Do you offer group online tutoring?
    Yes, We focus on one on one tutoring focusing on the specific needs of each child. We can also provide group tutoring on certain topics which will need to be organised based on popular demand.
  • What all topics are covered in the course?
    Kids learn Counting, Numbers, Place value, Addition, Subtraction, Measurements, Time, Geometry, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Perimeter, Area, Negative Numbers, Decimal, Algebra, Equations, Percentages, Ratios, Proportions and lot more. Classes are designed to cover CBSE, ICSE and all other boards.
  • What are the minimum requirements to take the course?
    The classes are conducted online over the internet. The minimum requirement to take the classes are: Desktop/Laptop (preferred, however can also be taken on a tablet /Ipad) Webcam (Most laptops have webcams) High-Speed Internet connection
  • Do you have offline centres too?
  • Where is Wisechamps based?
    Wisechamps is headquarterd in Delhi and has a branch office in Mumbai.
  • How can I pay the fees?
    You can pay for the full course or in easy monthly installments.
  • How are classes scheduled?
    Classes can be scheduled as per the time convenience of the child and available slots of teachers. Wisechamps will help in getting the classes scheduled in the best possible way. Our online booking calendar will be made available to you once you enroll with us.
  • You will take how many hours classes for a child?
    Please see our pricing details here
  • Can I pay in installments?
    You have the option of paying monthly or full fee in one go.
  • Will it be a monthly or yearly course?
    Students can learn at Wisechamps as per their convenience. They can opt for a monthly or yearly course as per their comfort. We recommend a child to take 3 classes per week. Based on the pace that the child is picking up the course for a Grade including practice papers can be done in 6 months.
  • How many classes are taken per week
    Group classes are usually thrice a week. However, 1:1 classes can be conducted as per the child's availablity.
  • Do you have any other classes apart from Maths Class?
    As of now we are offering maths classes only. But we are working to offer other subjects as well. You will see new subjects in our portal soon.
  • Will you be working on weekends (Saturday’s and Sunday's)?
    Yes, we are working on the weekends.
  • May we know the syllabus class-wise?
    The class-wise syllabus offered by Wisechamps is available here.
  • Will you cover the entire course or can we select some topics?
    At Wisechamps we are very flexible. A student has both the choices, he can either opt for the entire course or can select the topics which he would like to learn.
  • In which App you are taking classes?
    Presently, we use the Zoom app to deliver classes. We have selected Zoom app because it is user friendly and learning is better.
  • Is there any app in which you take classes apart from Zoom like in our student we have Microsoft teams which is more safer?
    As of now we are only using Zoom App to deliver classes. To address the safety concern of parents with Zoom, we are doing the following: - Use the latest version of Zoom which carries highest security - Passwords are used in all the rooms. - Passwords are shared securely
  • How much parental involvement is needed in your classes?
    Parents need to participate to understand the program, the time taken to cover a topic, assessment timelines and the methodology used by the online teacher. Parents can this way, easily keep a track of the progress made by the child, areas of improvement needed and the future course of action of the teacher. We encourage a virtual interaction of teacher with parents after every 6 classes to ensure not only all of the above are achieved but also an active parent – teacher relationship is established to ensure the child's progress is always accomplished most effectively.
  • Do you give homework worksheets / assignments?
    Yes we give homework assignment after every class and expect the child to complete it before the next class
  • Do you also prepare for Olympiads?
    The focus of Wisechamps is to make your child a champ of Maths. With a strong foundation, the child will be able to excel in any Olympiad globally. Our students have consistently done well in Olympiads.
  • Are you open to discuss minor curriculum changes to suit the text book of my child’s school or some other board?
    Yes we are totally open to making tweaks to our curriculum, as mostly the concepts remain the same across all boards.
  • What if I don't want to continue with the classes further?
    If for whichever reason you wish to discontinue our classes we will be giving you 100% refund for the remaining classes on a pro rata basis
  • How can I schedule classes or see my child's progress?
    You can schedule your child’s classes through the student dashboard and also see topic wise curriculum progress there
  • Can I cancel a scheduled class?
    A 1:1 class can be cancelled 24 hours in advance however a group batch class cannot be cancelled
  • What if I am left with some classes in the current year?
    If there are some classes left in the current year they can be utilised by the child in the next academic year as well.
  • How will I know which teacher is best for my child? What if I want to change my teacher?
    All our teachers are experienced in the domain and trained on our delivery methodology. Your child will get to learn the same concepts in the same way from any of our teachers. However if you want to change your teacher at any point please get in touch with us and we will try to work out a schedule mutually conducive to both.
  • Do I get any brownie points for referring a friend to your classes?
    Yes, please see our referral policy here.
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