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12 Reasons you should invest in the right online Math classes

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

For years it was considered that ‘chalk and talk’ was the only method of imparting education. However, this notion has been turned on its head as the present scenario necessitates e-learning. Whether paid or free online classes for kids – we are working with a new normal.

While knowledge seekers are searching through the Internet to make the most productive use of their time in lockdown, Edtech companies are revolutionizing the idea of online classes for kids to make this journey an accomplished one.

However, amidst the positives, a different challenge has emerged. An array of online teaching platforms have mushroomed and choosing the right one is a difficult task at hand. It is therefore important to understand what one needs to look for to make the best decision.

At Wisechamps, we offer an interactive platform that has fast become the preferred destinations for online learning for kids. Take a look at what we do, the benefits we offer, and the reasons that make us stand out. Hopefully this will help you make your own checklist of how to choose the best online math class for your little champ.

12 reasons to choose right online classes

12 Reasons to invest in Wisechamps online Math classes

1. Scientifically Created Curriculum

Wisechamps relies heavily on digitally designed content that enriches the learning experience of your child. Each mathematical concept is discussed at length using graphical representation, engrossing voice-overs and easy-to-understand examples. This brings joy to learning. What makes Wisechamps’ curriculum stand apart is the fact that it is scientifically curated, designed and developed by IIM alumni and other top-notch industry experts.

2. Knowledge Hub

The platform pushes every student between classes 1 to 10 to become a math expert. Beginning from counting and number place value to steadily escalating to complex calculations and mathematical concepts, Wisechamps offers the best support to students of every grade. One can also gain mathematical edge by engaging in courses like Mental and Vedic Math, Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning and Investment and Money Management.

3. Engaging Content

Attention span plays an important role in learning. A student might be present in the class but still not learn anything. Engrossing content thus plays a pivotal role in enhancing learning. Enticing sounds, engaging characters and simplified conceptual detailing keeps the child attentive and attracted throughout the session. Wisechamps lectures thus make learning math so much easier and fun-filled.

4. Personalized Attention

Personalized attention is a key requirement for any kind of learning to take place. The remote form of interaction may take away this advantage. But Wisechamps has maneuvered its learning program to accommodate one-to-one mentoring and small batches of low student-teacher-ratio of 1:5. Parents are free to choose the classroom size for their child. This ensures that each student gets the much needed personalized attention for self-paced study and thus subsequently groom as a math expert.

5. Age-Relevant Content

Many parents may throng for free online courses for kids. The free content may be irrelevant or not age-relevant. Worse still, it may not be factually correct. As they say, there is no free lunch. Wisechamps has years of experience in the domain and has carefully crafted each module to deliver a pleasurable and valuable math learning experience across age groups.

6. Self-Paced Study

Unlike conventional classroom teaching, e-learning allows and promotes self-paced study. Self-paced study by default ensures that every doubt is clarified before moving onto subsequent levels of complexity. This improves subject understanding, enhances concept clarity and automatically leads to better marks and higher grades.

7. Interactive Classroom Sessions

Wisechamps’ online classes for kids’ module retains the most important element of the conventional classroom teaching. Besides being personalized, the interactive model enables the students to clarify doubts, ask questions and participate freely in group discussions. Children can also interact with peers. This helps develop personal bonds and also infuses a competitive spirit.

8. Frequent Skill Checks

No learning is complete unless put to test. Furthermore, expertise in math can only be attained through extensive practice. Guided by the team of best math teachers, Wisechamps’ learning curriculum not just includes regular learning classes but revision classes along with more than 50 practice worksheets and assignments to be taken up in a phased manner.

9. Comprehensive Coverage of School Syllabus

The curriculum followed by Wisechamps is in-tune with almost all school boards. The student requires no-extra studies to cover the school syllabus. The comprehensive math learning program from Wisechamps will not just help improve scores in school exams but also help your child gain an edge in competitive exams.

10. Certificates, Badges and Accreditations

Recognition is the best form of motivation. Students who are acknowledged and appreciated for their achievement are more determined and motivated to excel further. Wisechamps understands this and follows it in letter and spirit. Every skill level successfully passed by the student is acknowledged and certificates, badges and accreditations are issued to appreciate the same.

11. Parent-Teacher Interaction

Every parent wants the very best for their child. While enrollment into the best course of online learning for kids is just the beginning, being aware of their learning and growth is equally important. The team at Wisechamps keeps the parents apprised about their kid’s performance through regular parent updates and Parent-Teacher interactions.

12. Personalized Dashboard

The Wisechamps learning module creates a personalized dashboard for every student. This makes all data pertaining to class schedule, lecture notes, assignments, submissions and performance visible at one place. This provides valuable and quick insight into the most important metrics of online learning.

So, take the plunge and choose one of the leading online classes for kids, Wisechamps. Invest prudently now to help your child grow up to become a real-life math genius! Visit our home page to learn more about our best online live interactive classes for students of grades 1 -10.


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