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Become a Math expert by following these simple steps

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

The fear of numbers keeps many kids from enjoying math to the fullest. Many wrongly believe that mathematical ability is innate and can’t be acquired through learning. Thus, they shy away from solving sums and make every possible excuse to avoid the subject. This fear and avoidance further aggravate the problem and prevents children from gaining an expertise in the subject.

However, becoming a math expert is not that difficult. All one needs is the will to learn and a good platform like that offers some of the best online math courses. Ours is a website offering interactive and personalized online math classes for kids to help sharpen mathematical concepts and polish logical reasoning skills in little ones.

This well-curated, after-school math learning platform acts as the one-stop option offering online math courses for students in classes 1-8. With the right strategies and simple steps, Wisechamps teaches children how to excel in the subject.

Maths Expert

How to become a math expert with online math classes

For a child to develop mathematical aptitude and subsequently become a math expert, the following steps can prove helpful:

1. Start Early

Mathematics is best learnt ground-up. The level of complexity increases with every topic and grade. So, starting early is the key to mastering math. At Wisechamps we gradually scale up the difficulty level through our carefully curated online mathematics classes, moving from basics to complicated formulas and theorems, focusing on practice.

2. Fix a Schedule

For a child to excel in the subject a fixed schedule and focused approach is sure to go a long way. Dedicate at least an hour every day to learn and practice math. Our online classes are a great way to get ample practice in a scheduled manner.

3. Be Regular, Do Not Miss Classes

Mathematical concepts are interconnected. Missing a topic can actually make you feel like landing on an alien planet the next day. Instead of figuring out what happened it is best not to miss any math class and thus, enjoy a seamless learning experience.

4. Seek Concept Clarity

The best way to gain an edge in mathematics is concept clarity. Students can gain conceptual advantage by watching illustrative videos, going through lecture notes, or solving worksheets from any free online mathematics course. This creates scope for discussion when you return to your teacher. Seeking timely clarifications helps in strengthening concepts.

5. Be Regular with Homework

Being regular with homework is the best way to cement the math concepts and not lag behind. While doing homework some doubts may creep up. These can be clarified easily in the subsequent classes. Thereafter, it is important to analyze and understand every mistake. Fix them instantly to avoid repeating.

6. Memorize Tables

When the foundation is strong, the results are bound to be unmatched. Get down to memorize your multiplication tables. The basic skills form the basis of most high school math questions. So, if you are quick and accurate with your calculations, you’ll feel encouraged to handle all high school math problems with any level of complexity.

7. Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice makes everyone perfect. By regularly working on sums and theorems children can iron out doubts. There is a direct association between practice, subject proficiency, excellence, and grades. If you want to go beyond the curriculum you can take up the free online math courses or study material and practice as much as you can.

8. Knowledge Application

It is said that if one applies a concept in real life, the person learns it for life. This holds true for mathematics more than any other subject. Some of the best online mathematics courses will encourage students to apply the knowledge gained in class to real-life situations. Such activities given as homework make math learning so much fun.

Personalized and interactive live classroom sessions, well-throughout course curriculum with structured assignments and assessments — Wisechamps keeps your child ahead on the learning path. Go through our scientifically generated curriculum and choose the best suited math learning module for your little one. Get in touch with us to learn more and we will be happy to help.


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