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Forget traditional tuition classes: Replacements you need to jump onto

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Going for tuitions had been a common sight until the start of 2020. Children of all intellectual competencies went for after-school coaching with different goals in mind. Subjects especially math and science have always been the most dreaded and tuition tutors promised personalized guidance to help children sail through.

But the present times have necessitated the migration from traditional tuition classes to online classes for kids. While the change came in due to the Corona virus outbreak, it is fast gaining popularity as a welcome concept.

Today online classes for kids are ensuring that your child’s learning continues unhampered. There is a plethora of options available for e-learning and there is certainly a lot of buzz about paid and free online courses for kids as well. Though one may be tempted to join the free versions, the former is clearly more structured and provide the academic rigor required to help the students excel, especially when it comes to math learning.

Wisechamps is a leading platform for online learning for kids. We are not just supplementing classroom math curriculum but also offer courses to enhance skill, aptitude and reasoning abilities in children studying in classes 1-8.

So, if you are looking for the best math teachers to guide your little ones, forget the traditional tuition classes. It’s time to join interactive and engaging math sessions with Wisechamps and avail the matchless benefits of e-learning.

online Vs offline tuitions

Structured online classes for kids - courses offered at Wisechamps

School Curriculum

1. Mastering the textbook

Math is one of the most important subjects of the school curriculum that plays a vital role in life as well. Therefore, developing your mathematical aptitude is like developing a life skill. Wisechamps offers math assistance to students of classes 1-8. We make sure that your child is comprehensively exposed and guided through all course topics with focus on the basics and conceptual knowledge.

We follow a prescribed curriculum as per school syllabus so that the child remains abreast with his or her class. Our interactive sessions make each concept easy and fun to learn.

Skill Development

1. Mental/Vedic Math

Vedic Math is the technique of calculations used in the ancient times. Understandably it was done without the use of calculators and computers. Thus, learning the technique in today’s world trains your child to become a mental calculator. Vedic math is known to enhance mental agility and intelligence that paves way to being a math expert. It increases visualization and attention span in children. At Wisechamps we have some of the best math teachers who help children learn and master this ancient technique with ease and fun.

2. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking entails viewing different perspectives and evaluating the pros and cons of a given situation. The decision is arrived at by carefully weighing all aspects. Developing this ability in children is important and as well as a challenge. Children generally get biased in decision-making. Wisechamps helps kids overcome this limitation and develop critical thinking by encouraging them to actively ask questions and indulge in mental calculations.

3. Logical Reasoning

The skill of logical reasoning stands in good stead in all facets of life. When one is able to analyse a situation and reason through to decision-making, the decision is obviously more informed and better. Wisechamps through its structured coursework helps students develop the skill of reasoning logically. Children thus tend to develop an analytical bent of mind which is helpful throughout life.

4. Investment and Money Management

Money management is an important life skill. Knowledge of math helps us understand the value of money. It is important that children are exposed to the concept of money management early in life. Wisechamps has the best math teachers to help introduce this concept to the kids making the idea of investment extremely simple for the students.

Online Classes for Kids – The Ideal Replacement for Traditional Tuition

Online classes for kids have stepped into the shoes of traditional tuition perfectly. Here are some unmistakable benefits:

  • The e-learning platform provides a well-curated curriculum and confers personal touch to all the students.

  • The teaching methodology that is primarily technology-driven relies heavily on visualizing each concept. Movie-like videos are engaging and engrossing and thus make understanding and learning easy.

  • Online learning also provides more opportunities for skill development.

  • Personalized dashboard and frequent performance checks help you through the learning path.

  • Badges, accreditations and certificates to acknowledge every success is highly motivating to achieve greater heights.

Engage in math learning with Wisechamps — a dedicated online platform for learning math and its associated skills. We help you ensure the best support and assistance required to aid your child in mastering and eventually excelling at mathematics. Contact us today to learn more about our courses and curriculum and how we can help your child gradually groom into a math expert.


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