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How to keep children learning at home

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

You can now get access to specially designed programs 24/7. The best part is that you can keep track of your little one’s progress whenever and wherever you want. What is important here is to choose the right classes and manage your child’s routine well.

Wisechamps is one such innovative platform that brings a unique learning experience for your child, with personalized maths classes that are easy and fun to engage in. From Vedic maths to Money Management and Investment, you can explore a variety of online classes for kids here. One-on-one mentoring, low student-teacher-ratio and focus on practical application of all concepts for faster learning, make their courses stand apart.

Learn at home

Tips to Enhance Learning

If you too are a parent looking to keep your child constructively occupied at home, you must keep a few things in mind. These will not only help you pick the right classes for your child but will also ensure that learning at home remains fun and engaging for children:

Choose Classes That Are Interactive

For most parents, paid and free online courses for kids just means more screen time. You cannot be certain if the child is actually learning or even paying attention. So, it best that you look for live classes such as those offered by Wisechamps, which are more interactive.

Such classes retain many elements of the conventional classroom where the student can easily ask doubts, answer the teacher’s questions, and participate freely. They can also interact with other kids who are part of the sessions.

Live classes are the best way to keep the child motivated. Also, as a parent one is always assured that a skilled teacher is monitoring your child, just like a regular classroom.

Make Learning Fun for Your Child

All online courses are becoming more and more innovative given the current situation. The goal is to make learning fun. Wisechamps, for instance, uses the experiential way of learning to make online math classes more interesting. These classes are personalized to make sure that every child has a great time.

Parents can also do their bit using games to help children understand concepts better. There are endless choices online when it comes to educational games. You can also use flash cards and board games to help them develop visual skills, learn math, improve language skills and more. These games are a break from online classes and are a fun bonding activity too.

Try different activities related to their subjects

There are several online resources that can help make learning more experiential. From DIY science projects to the application of various concepts in daily lives, these videos and tutorials are extremely fun to try out.

You can also put together science kits for your kids, for instance. Include all the material and instructions necessary and let them explore it while you attend to your work. There are several online activities as well including quiz and trivia that your kids will love.

A good mix of online and on-ground activities is the best way to ensure that your kids are able to remember the concepts that they learn in free online courses for kids.

Bring Back Traditional Learning Methods

Think of learning methods that you used as a child. For instance, hand-written project reports and essays were a great way to help kids imbibe concepts. In addition to online learning for kids, these methods supplement these courses.

Try to choose hands on activities like solving worksheets, for instance. You have so many printable options available online that you will never run out of resources. Print out worksheets for different chapters and subjects and have your child solve them.

You can even give your child small projects like book reports that also encourages the child to pick up some new skills.

Explore More Virtual Options

One of the best things about the internet is that it has removed almost all restrictions known to us. Now, you can sit in the comfort of your home and explore museums and art galleries across the world through virtual tours.

There are several factories and companies that have created virtual tours of their spaces to offer additional online learning for kids. You can also look out for interesting webinars that help your child learn new skills like dancing, painting and more. Learning is not just about signing up for curriculum-based programs. Give your little one the opportunity to really explore, given all the time that they have right now.

Fix a schedule

For your child to be able to make the most of all the online math courses or other classes, you need to fix the schedule precisely. Even though children are at home currently, make sure that you have a defined study-time and playtime. This keeps your child focused on his or her work and enables them to learn better.

When you engage with Wisechamps we ensure a lot of the above mentioned methods are integrated into our classes to make learning personalized and interactive for your little ones. We offer the best online math classes for kids, with regular parent updates, assignments, and additional support for the child. So go ahead and explore our range of fun courses for your little one and keep your child on the path of learning with Wisechamps.


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