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No time? No money? No problem! How can you get the best teachers for your ward?

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

We are all hard pressed for time. We work day in and day out to earn a decent amount and yet many times face paucity of funds. Whatever be the situation, we as parents think of nothing but the best for our children. We want them to have all facilities and be thorough with their education. When children get experienced and knowledgeable teachers, study contemporary curriculum, and learn in a conducive environment, it is a source of tremendous peace of mind for the parents.

But it is challenging to ensure that your child gets a perfect learning experience. This is especially true in case of traditional tuitions. Subjects like math not just require teachers who are exceptionally conversant with their subject, but should also have an engrossing and binding method of teaching.

More so, the time slot available, the batch size and distance between the home and the coaching academy may just add to the parent’s worry. Not the miss, the tuition cost along with the overheads or indirect expenses that one has to incur to undertake quality mentoring to become a math expert. It all appears to be too demanding.

Providing perfect answers to all the shortcomings of traditional tuitions, online classes for kids are thus fast emerging as a most desirable medium of impart and receiving knowledge. Wisechamps is a leading Edtech company that has not just managed to eliminate all the limitations put forth by traditional tutoring methods, but through innovative and interactive learning modules has managed to provide a shade better. Doing this it has established itself as a reckoned player in the online education domain.

Wisechamps Expert teachers

Attributes that make online learning for kids a class apart experience

1. Economical

One of the main attractions of online classes for kids is its fees and costing structure. Vis-à-vis traditional tuitions that incur 100% recurring expenditures, online learning’s infrastructure and course development cost are one-time fixed expenditures borne by the service provider. The benefits of this are thus passed on to the students in the form of affordable fee structure. Imagine a per-class fee of Rs. 175 for a Class VIII student who opts for a group study with only 5 students per class!

2. Saves Time

Nowadays in addition to school curriculum children are actively engaged in extracurricular classes. Hobbies like sports, music and dance are pursued alike. And thus, they are always hard pressed for time. Traveling and waiting time add to the woes. Fortunately, the basic feature of online learning - anytime, anywhere access acts as the student’s best friend. Online classes for kids can thus be taken at convenient times and sans botheration of physical movement on busy city roads which saves a lot of precious time.

3. Safe

For parents, safety of children is utmost priority. Thus, being able to take classes from the comfort of your homes has always been desirable. The Coronavirus outbreak further highlighted the need for online classes for kids.

4. Informative Learning

Conventional classroom teaching can be boring. No wonder teachers try adopting different techniques to keep the students engrossed. E-learning through its inherent features relies greatly on concept learning through use of audio-video aids. While the movie-like videos keep the students engrossed, the explanation by a dedicated math expert ensures that the concept is cemented in the minds of the students.

5. School Curriculum

Every parent wants their child to be thorough with his/her school curriculum. Dedicated online classes for kids offer just that. The teaching course designed by Wisechamps is completely in line with the school curriculum adopted by different school boards for specific classes between 1-8. It thus acts as a comprehensive after-school tuition that completely supports the classroom teaching.

6. Skill Development

Skill development is the need of the hour. Courses specially designed to polish the innate abilities thus set you apart from the rest. Skill development courses thus harness the natural creative abilities of the children. The skill development math program lays immense stress on Vedic math, logical reasoning and critical thinking to help children master the subject and become tomorrow’s leaders.

7. Progressive

Online learning for kids is progressive in nature. It follows a self-paced method of learning. Students progress on to the next level of complexity only after successfully clearing the previous stage. This ensures that there are no gaps between what is taught and learnt.

Online classes have strategically cemented their position as the most desirable platform of imparting and receiving education. Wisechamps offers the best experience of online learning for kids. Go through our wide range of courses and check our curriculum & pricing to choose the best suited math learning module for your little one.

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