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The Best effective ways of developing Problem Solving Skills

The 21st century is full of distractions as there are a lot of things happening in the world such as pandemics, increasing social media interaction, enhancement of technology, everything shifting to digital platforms, and so on.

Social interaction gets impacted so the kids love their own surroundings instead of interacting with the outside world.

But this is also that kind of time period in which kids need to learn problem-solving skills. Because there are many unwanted situations they are facing. These days kids don't let their parents get involved in their life problems and want to solve them on their own.

That’s why it is important to enhance their problem-solving skills.

Problem-solving abilities refer to the ability to address and resolve issues as they arise. It's a critical-thinking soft skill that allows you to deal with and resolve complicated, complex problems.

Active listening

The process of obtaining information from another person or group is known as active listening. It entails paying attention to the conversation, avoiding interruption, and taking the time to fully understand what the speaker is saying.

In order to obtain knowledge Abacus will help children to clearly understand what they are listening to.

Vedic maths will help to enhance their speed, so they can gain confidence and understanding while listening and remembering it for a lifetime.

Problem Solving Skills
The Best Effective Ways of Problem Solving Skills


Analytical skills cover a broad range of professional abilities, including the capacity to think critically, analyse facts, make difficult judgments, and solve complicated problems.

All of these important skill sets involve taking in new information and processing it effectively in the mind.

Broad ranges of problems require high skills, with Abacus children can analyse and understand these problems easily, and once analysed properly they can learn the creative way of solving problems with the knowledge of Vedic maths.


The capacity to communicate effectively is an important life skill for children in the twenty-first century, and the better we are at it, the better our lives will be.

Parents and school advocates should recognize the importance of communication skills in children's development and begin teaching basic communication skills to their children as early as childhood, with the goal of honing their skills as they grow.

With the help of parents and instructors, children will be able to improve their communication abilities.

Apart from maths problems, students must learn to cross many barriers to life.

Good communication is one quality which a child must learn in its early life, one who can think creatively can communicate better, with the sense of creative writing new words can be learned which will improve their communication skills.

Wisechamps helps in better communication through their BEAM course. It provides basic English to learn which boosts the self-confidence of the child.

Creative thinking

When you hear the word "creative," you probably think of a scientist, an artist, a painter, an author, or a cook, all of whom create things. It sounds like a "creative type" designation, but just so you know, there is no such thing. Every child is creative in their own unique way.

Perhaps it is not quite accurate to say that creativity is solely about humans making things; therefore, we need a more precise definition of creativity for children.

The capacity to come up with fresh approaches and ideas is known as creative thinking.

This important life talent allows a youngster to connect the dots and understand the big picture, and it's one that should be cultivated in children from an early age. Imagination and concentration are aided by creative thinking. It also allows the children to see the world in a new light.

A creative thinker is always a good problem solver. We in Wisechamps make our child creative and innovative in many ways, Creative writing is one of them, it enhances a child's ability to think more and come up with new ideas.

Decision making

In today's environment, good decision-makers are in high demand. People with the ability to make fast and responsible decisions are required. This is why it's critical that you teach your students how to make good decisions. To do so, your students must comprehend the significance of decision-making.

Even though everyone has to make decisions, it's astonishing how little is known about how to make a good one. The vast majority of decisions are made without any knowledge of the decision-making principles discussed in this unit.

It is estimated that half of all business decisions are incorrect. The percentage of right decisions would surely increase if decision-making abilities were improved.

One good decision can shape your destiny for betterment. Maths is a subject where you need to make quick decisions.

Abacus and Vedic maths concepts make children learn maths easily and build confidence in them. This decision-making ability can take your child to new heights. Our approach toward creative writing skills will open a child's mind in various directions so he/she can think broadly and make good decisions...


Research abilities are essential for writers since they allow them to discover material and construct an outline for their writing assignment, whether it's creative or academic.

Conducting research is a valuable life skill that can assist students in gathering and analyzing information, expanding their knowledge, thinking critically, and exercising their minds.

It is a talent that students can use outside of the classroom to help them better understand the world around them.

The main purpose of Maths is to broaden the mind of children. Once a child starts to solve big problems he will want to explore more and will research the field of his interest.

Our motive is clear to make your child an all-rounder, that's why Wisechamps makes our children learn what they need to be to grow in this developing world.

Children can benefit from problem-solving skills in a variety of situations.

They'll also be able to persevere in the face of adversity.

Children can benefit from problem-solving skills in a variety of situations. They'll also be able to persevere in the face of adversity. In a child's development, problem-solving plays an important role.

This vital ability involves more than just coming up with a solution. Rather, it involves using one's imagination, pondering possibilities, reasoning through prospective plans or pathways, and applying logic to complex problems or queries.

Confronting confidence issues can also help children feel better about themselves and have improved self-esteem. It is also necessary for future academic achievement. If a youngster lacks social skills, forming relationships with others may be difficult.



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