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The biggest problems with Kids’ online Math classes and how Wisechamps can fix it

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

With schools having shut down, online classes have proved to be a boon. They have provided an ideal platform for the tutor-taught relationship to continue, while still ensuring social distancing and safety for all.

However, the concept of online classes is new and still developing. It has its pitfalls with problems, which can actually prove destructive if not handled carefully. Therefore, it becomes important as parents to remain watchful of what content is being offered and what is your child learning through this new medium.

Wisechamps is a seasoned EdTech company providing unmatched math learning for kids that sharpens their knowledge of mathematical concepts, aptitude, and logical reasoning skills. Since inception, we have continually upgraded and fine-tuned our technological essentials, teaching content and human capital to ensure we evolve as the best place to learn math.

Through unmatched commitment and regular enhancements, we have not only understood but also overcome the challenges of online math classes, thus providing unparalleled math learning for kids.

Problems with Online Kids Classes

Corrective steps taken by Wisechamps to fix problems with kids’ online math classes

1. Excessive Screen Time Vs Productive Screen Time

Excessive screen time is a documented health concern. It is known to have a debilitating effect on the eyes and also impacts overall well-being. Thus maintaining a balance between on-screen and off-screen time is very important.

This can be achieved by deriving the highest benefits from limited on-screen time. Wisechamps makes this possible through its specialized and strategically developed high-quality visual content and lecture notes which make math learning for kids easy and quick.

2. Unproductive or Irrelevant Content Vs Age-appropriate, Rich Content

Free online content pertaining to a particular math topic is easily available on the Internet. But this content may not be age-relevant, conceptually strong or updated. Learning the wrong concept is worse than learning at all.

Furthermore, the time spent to find the best-suited content to learn math will only add to the child’s unproductive screen time. The content and curriculum developed by Wisechamps helps eliminate problems related to quality. We provide students with rich, authentic and age-appropriate content which makes math learning for kids convenient and productive.

3. Dull and Boring Content Vs Informative and Engrossing Videos

Wisechamps goes beyond the conventional classroom method to learn math, which is often cited as dull and boring. Where classrooms often fueled dislike for the subject, Wisechamps does the opposite.

Mathematical concepts when explained through movie-like videos, three-dimensional images and engrossing voice-overs create an abiding impact on the minds of the students.

4. Indiscipline Vs Monitored Approach

Childhood synonymies fun and frolic. The virtue of discipline needs to be introduced and encouraged tactfully in young minds. Wisechamps through its well-formulated course curriculum gently pushes the child to be organized and disciplined.

5. No Interaction Vs One-on-one Interaction and Attention

Children have a short attention span and are bound to stray away easily if left unmonitored. Wisechamps’ math learning for kids’ session ensures one-on-one interaction with each kid. This helps clear doubts instantly.

The engrossing and engaging content developed using hi-tech video graphics ensures that the child remains attentive and productive throughout the classroom session.

6. Countless Attendees Vs Small Classroom Size

Unlike other online kids math classes available today, Wisechamps offers a choice between individual and small classroom size studying which enrolls a maximum of five students per batch.

This ensures personal attention to every student with ample scope for the mindshare of the educator; thus reaping maximum learning advantages.

7. Casual Effort Vs Constant Practice

Mathematics is all about concept clarity and practice. Our team of dedicated educators at Wisechamps provides regular homework and assignments to learn math concepts. This lets the child master his/her mathematical skills with time.

The performance of the child is also rewarded by way of badges, certificates, and accreditations from time to time. This keeps them high-spirited and motivated to learn and move to the next level of complexity.

8. Limited Response Vs Comprehensive Performance Feedback

As parents, it is important that you remain apprised of your child’s performance. While the personal dashboard feature of Wisechamps keeps the parents informed about the child’s daily activity, a periodic parent-teacher interaction further offers valuable insights into the child’s overall performance.

Such a blended approach improves and enhances your kids’ math learning.

9. One-Way Inputs Vs Two-Way Communication

Teamwork and cooperation are bound to reap best results. Online math classes usually accept feedback but make little changes in their coursework.

Wisechamps works in close coordination with the parents and students to incorporate changes and suggestions. This ensures that your child gets a personalized platform which stimulates his/her learning and growth. If you are searching for good online math classes promising quality math learning for kids between classes 1 -8, Wisechamps is the best.

Visit our Home Page to learn more about our online live classes for kids and book a free trial today.



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