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Worried about your child’s excessive screen time? Learn Math online to use screen time effectively

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

The advent and growth of Smartphones has revolutionized the way society communicates and business is conducted. Consumers have embraced these new technologies with open arms and Smartphones now double up as personal computers. The numerous advantages notwithstanding, the proliferation of such gadgets led to certain genuine apprehensions. People spent a lot of time on online social media platforms and other recreational activities such as online games. All this coupled with the work-related usage led to monumental increase in screen time.

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has further shifted many offline tasks to the online mode. This shift has been really pronounced for children. What once used to happen in ‘brick and mortar’ school has now shifted to the virtual world. Thus, leading to spiraling screen time.

While children are endlessly glued to the screen playing games or chatting, there is a different league of children who are using their screen time to learn and grow. Edtech companies are thus playing an important role in this endeavor. Wisechamps, a dedicated platform provides unmatched online math learning for kids. Offering live interactive online math classes for students in classes 1-8, Wisechamps is surfacing as the best way to learn math online.

Wisechamps solution for effective use of screen time

How online math classes can help make the best use of screen time

1. Comprehensive Coverage of School Curriculum

The basic thing that every online math class would promise will be helping the child with the school syllabus. But what is important is the learning rather than teaching. Wisechamps offers a self-paced method of learning which allows every child to master his/her skills at their own pace. With individual 1:1 mentoring as well as the option of a small classroom size of 5 students, the teachers ensure that every student understands the concepts and topics taken up in the class. This progressive form of learning thus helps the children move onto the level of complexity in a phased manner. As practice, practice and more practice are the only ways to master math, the Wisechamps’ curriculum lays extra stress on daily assignments and frequent assessments.

2. Develop Mathematical Skills

To become a math wizard, one needs to think like a math pro. This is possible only if the child develops mathematical skills in early life. Math learning for kids can be so much fun with Wisechamps specially formulated skill development programs. While mental/Vedic math classes will groom your child to become a mental calculator, getting enrolled in structured coursework for critical thinking and logical reasoning will help sharpen their mental abilities and aptitude. Knowledge of investment and money management is a life skill. Getting exposed to the concept early in life helps them become more aware and better equipped to take informed decisions in later life.

3. Become a Better Learner

The course curriculum at Wisechamps is designed by the top-notch industry experts including IIM Alumni. But at the core, the entire curriculum boasts of Edgar Dale’s theory that suggests that things can be best learnt by what we “do” rather than by what we “hear”, “read” or “observe”. Thus, the platform relies heavily on state-of-the-art education technology to render a more interactive and informative learning experience. At every stage of their math learning, the kids are introduced to the topic through instructional videos that are engrossing and engaging. The topic is then explained by best math teachers on board and subsequently tested through regular assignments and assessments to ensure cent-percent concept clarity. Thus, at Wisechamps, every child is trained and groomed to become a better learner for life.

4. Preparation for Competitive Exams

Being thorough with the classroom curriculum is the basic requirement. But how about eyeing for higher targets? Wisechamps through its progressive method of math learning allows the child to gradually set and achieve higher targets for themselves. As the complexity level gets tougher, they are not just trained to comprehend them with ease but are also taught the best-approach policy to handle them in the least possible time. This training goes a long way in helping them get better grades in school examinations as well as inter-school competitive exams like the Math Olympiads. Ever since there have been mummers about excessive screen time and its ill-effects on health and development, sporadic attempts by various stakeholders have been made to make the screen time more productive and useful. Wisechamps have led the way to offer unmatched online math learning experience to your kids. Scientifically generated course content coupled with the experience and aptitude of the best math teachers on board, your kid’s math classes are all set to escalate to the next level of learning. Visit our home page to learn more about our interactive online math classes and how we can help your child learn with ease and fun.


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