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English will make it possible!!!

“Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.”

William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

On the occasion of the ‘World English Day’, we are attributing to the legend of English literature- ‘William Shakespeare’. He is the reason behind celebrating this day.

As William Shakespeare said greatness can be achieved, as he achieved in his life. We all know that ‘William Shakespeare’ failed in English many times but he never gave up and now no one can pass in English without reading him.

English is a vital important language as it is used to break down the barrier between two different languages. The United Nations keeps the importance of the English language in mind and celebrates English Language Day every year on April 23. The goal of the day is to raise awareness about the language's history, culture, and accomplishments.

English day was celebrated for the first time in 2010. The 23rd of April is designated as English Language Day because it is the anniversary of both William Shakespeare's birth and death.

The English language has undergone several modifications throughout Shakespeare's lifetime in the 16th and 17th centuries. 'The Bard,' as William Shakespeare is affectionately known, has made significant contributions to the language and coined a number of new words and phrases that are still in use today.

The English language is essential for learning other subjects and it is also helpful in learning another language. Most writers write in English as it is known by the majority of people. Because of the high demand for English in every field, whether in education, job prospects, or the entertainment field.

Why is it necessary to learn English?

Great communication:– It is important to speak effectively. People are impressed by people who can communicate well.

Gain Confidence:- If you have good communication skills, you will have a lot of confidence.

Early achievement of your goal — Effective English language skills enable you to quickly achieve your job objectives.

Effective personality — When we communicate clearly and confidently, we may attract anyone.

Part of the global community - English is a language that is spoken all over the world. As a result, if one knows decent English, one can communicate with others.

Multiple Professional Opportunities - A person with good communication skills has more career options than others.

So, Wisechamps considers all points mentioned above and provides English spoken classes, so that the students can learn all these skills and improve.

English can be improved by reading, and reading is done through books. So, as today is also World Book Day, we need to know why reading books is important!


Sometimes all we need is to be in our own imaginative world and leave the reality of the real world. The books can create that for us because through this we can go anywhere without leaving our actual place. We can be in any period of time or be in any place in the world, at any time. All we need to do is open a book and start reading.

Books are used to get any kind of knowledge and even it can entertain us. Books are useful for a lot of purposes.

They help us to gain knowledge, divert our minds,s or just spend some time alone. There are millions of people in the whole universe and as we all know that every individual is different from the other.

There are millions and millions of different ideas floating around us and books can provide those to us. The different genres like – Fiction, tragedy, realism, horror, sci-fi, absurd, and many more, we can get access to all of these through books.

World Book Day is celebrated to encourage the reading of books, and 23rd April is celebrated as World Books Day annually in around 100 countries. It was first celebrated on 23rd April 1995, by UNESCO to promote publishers, writers, and copywriters.

Through books, we can get to know new people, real as well as fictional. Those characters may not be with us, but they make us feel connected with them. Book reading helps our both left and right brains, as reading a book needs both knowledge and creativity to analyse the hidden meaning behind the words written in the book.



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